Kunsthalle Athena view from Kerameikou street

Kunsthalle Athena as you know it, as we all build it all together now needs your help!

Your support is the most important for us. You validate our aim to establish  a new contemporary art institution in the form of Kunsthalle in Athens. Kunsthalle Athena belongs to you. We would like it to be a alliance between art, artists, art workers, and audiences and no one else. To realize this dream and create an authority-less structure as such, we need your active participation. 

Let’s gather 10.000 Members / Allies for Kunsthalle Athena and change the world : ) 

Contribution: 20€ / year

If you want to join us as a Member / Ally, you have the following benefits:

We want to hear your ideas:

Tell us your ideas on a specific private area in our website dedicated to the Members/Allies of Kunsthalle Athena and enjoy access to special project proposals

We validate your opinion:

Vote annually for the best exhibition/project in Kunstalle Athena on our website

We want you here the first:

Enjoy access to new exhibitions one hour before the official opening

We want to get together:

Join us for the annual BYOI (bring your own ideas) party meetings for Members / Allies

We want to thank you:

Special links to your blogs on the Kunsthalle Athena website

Name recognition on our website (optionally)

Enjoy 10% reduction for all Kunsthalle Athena products


I want to be an Ally and receive more information on Members / Allies

Contact us: info@kunsthalleathena.org




 http://www.twitter.com/kunsthalleathen http://www.flickr.com/photos/kunsthalleathena http://www.youtube.com/kunsthalleathena 


Kunsthalle Athena


Κεραμεικού 28, Κεραμεικός - Μεταξουργείο (χάρτης)

Πλησιέστερος σταθμός μετρό: Μεταξουργείο

Address: 28, Kerameikou str., Kerameikos - MetaxourgeioAthens (map)

Closest Metro station: Metaxourgeio